We provide a variety of services including:

WIFI & Networks
Voip Phone Systems
Custom Software
IT Solutions

Why Choose MRT Solutions & Communications?

MRT Solutions & Communications was founded in 1989 with the goal of providing the best IT solutions for small to medium sized businesses, aimed at upholding a high standard of customer service and providing the newest technology for the best price. As technology changes, so does our focus. We started working with SIP and VoIP early in its deployment, and have over 15 years of experience with Internet based phones. We continue to evolve with the technological landscape giving our customers great service for the best prices in the industry.

Is MRT Solutions & Communications right for you?

While MRT Solutions & Communications is perfectly suited for enterprise, we also have quite a few SMB sector clients. If you are having trouble with value in your business from technology then MRT Solutions & Communications will be your biggest asset. We provide you with top tier support and the right fit of technology for your business. Primarily a B2B or B2G base of clients, we always have an open ear for others who need help with their technology headaches.

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