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Powerful Enterprise Phone System Technology

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Key Features

  • Softphone APP
  • Meet Me Conference Bridge
  • User Portal
  • Music on hold Upload from a file
  • Calendar your Holiday Message
  • Voicemail to E-mail
  • Smart call Forwarding
  • Remote retrieval of personal hold
  • Web based administration

Optional Features

  • Share line Appearance
  • Operator Messaging system
  • Campaign Based Dialer Solution
  • Call Conferencing Solution
  • Call Center – Automatic Call Distribution Solution ACD
  • Operator Console
  • Wall board for ACDs

Operator Message System

The Operator from the operator Console can send a message to your phone even when you’re on a call.
It looks something like this on the Phone. This allows you to remain on the call while texting the operator in regards how to handle an incoming call.